Please remember this is a small, one woman business, therefore it is best to pick up the phone and speak to the one small woman who paints them!!! Please feel free to email general enquiries, but due to real life, if you want a quick response, please phone, we prefer the personal touch! I am always happy to answer queries.

Our phone number is 01905 457163. Our email address is foxybrushworks@hotmail.com

On ordering, I will let you know whether the mirror is in stock, or approximately how long it will be before I have finished painting it for you. Remember, some times are busier than others, depending on the shows I am attending, or the time of year. If the mirror is a gift, please let me know when you need it by.

If you wish to order a design in another colour, or frame, I do not charge any extra. If, however, you require a change in the original artwork of the design then a small charge may be made depending on the time involved. Please ask for a quote.

In these days of mass production and instant gratification... please remember that this is a small one woman business, and every single mirror takes a long time to design and paint by that one small woman ! Due to the huge popularity of the mirrors there is always a waiting list. So please allow AT LEAST four weeks for a bespoke mirror to be designed, painted and framed. For Personalised Patchworks, please allow longer, especially around Christmas time ! Thank you... remember good things come to those who wait!

Can be made via debit or credit cards over the phone (01905 457163)

£10 per mirror (UK only). (Except full length mirrors which are £15
per mirror). Of course you are welcome to collect mirrors free of charge
from any of the shows we are attending, or from our home in Worcester.

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